Wednesday, August 5, 2009

IBRC Archives

The Idyll-Beast Research Center has begun creating an on-line archive of Idyll-Beast sightings. It is available at We will begin posting sightings from the crypto-zoological cyber-community in addition to local submissions. Please send any sightings to These will be treated confidentially and your name withheld on request.
Hopefully the website will help with the most daunting challenge yet undertaken by the Idyll-Beast Research Center: the translation (from "Beast-Latin") of the so called "Prophecies of Beastradamus." Many mentions of a "village in the pines" seem to resonate curiously with current events. But I admit to being stumped by references to the nearby "City of Saint Hyacinth" and their rulers. And an inscrutable reference to a "one hundred and fifty-five count indictment" (if I am translating correctly) and the "fall of four in five." All this to happen in "the year of the Idyll-Beast." I personally am sceptical of the whole category of prophecy, but continue on the translations for historical and literary reasons.


  1. I hear there are also very few crocodile attacks in Idyllwild.

  2. link is not "working"!

  3. Thanks for catching that! The Link functions now.


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