Monday, May 9, 2011

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Above we see a photo from one local eatery where two mothers shared the joy of a visit from the Idyll-Beast. The Beast looks happy too.

Mother's Day is a holiday apart for the Beast community. Mothers are among the most important animals in our forest, closer than other creatures to the mysteries of life... and deliciousness. And mothers have a special appreciation for the Idyll-Beast. Generations of mothers have used stories of the Beast to encourage proper comportment among their little ones. Very few behavioral issues can't be cleared up by a little visit from "uncle Idy."

Sales of Mother's Day cards were brisk this year at the Idyll-Beast Research Center Museum and Gift Shoppe. Favorites included "When I Think of Delicious... I Think of You," and "The World is Full of Mysterious Creatures... You're My Favorite." A selection of heartwarming messages are available. Say it with crypto-zoology. When you care enough to send the very Beast.