Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You've Been Served!

Ah, the crisp days of fall. The date of the Great Pumpkin Parade approaches and once more the Idyll-Beast is selecting a costume. The Beast has outdone himself this time in terms of pure spine-tingling horror. Although some of our staff  (and several Chamber Directors) have expressed misgivings, the animal has begun assembling the ingredients for a Halloween classic: Idyll-Beast Esquire, Attorney at Law.
Concerned Beast watchers have expressed  misgivings and brought to our attention a very real danger: if the outfit is too realistic, villagers mistaking him for an actual member of the bar might harass, disparage or hunt him. Our legal staff has formulated a solution; the back of his jacket will sport the following message:

This is only a costume. The Idyll-Beast is not a real attorney, nor can he give advice on legal matters. Any resemblance to actual attorneys, living or dead, is purely coincidental and no disparagement is intended.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Close encounter of the Bearded kind

Fellow Town Crier Blogger and Beast-watcher Barry Zander (On Top of the World) submits this stunning image. It seems to show two well known bearded Idyllwilders in a moment of solidarity. A careful examination confirms that Mr. Abrams beard has not been retouched. Evidence, including the angle of the lighting, suggests that the photograph was taken during last year's Greater Idyllwild Tree Lighting Ceremony. 
The Idyll-Beast claims to have no recollection of the encounter. "You'd think I'd remember that!" Too much eggnog?