Monday, December 19, 2011

Philosophy and the Beast

The Idyll-Beast are a philosophical species and through the centuries distinct schools of thought have emerged from their attempts to treat life’s most pressing questions. In general, Beast Philosophy is divided into Epistemology, Metaphysics, Ethics and Gastronomy.

Epistemology deals with questions of knowability: How do we know if an object or being is delicious? Can we truly know if it is delicious without eating it? What if we are deprived even of the sense of smell?

Metaphysics deals with the nature of reality and our minds. Is deliciousness an inherent quality of a thing-in-itself, or does it only exist in the mind (and mouth) of the philosopher?

Ethics treats our behavior as if affects other beings. Is there a Gastronomical Suspension of the Ethical? Does deliciousness transcend ethics? How should we divide shared snacks?

Gastronomy is considered the foundation of Beast philosophy and has many applied and theoretical divisions. Its empirical branches include anatomy, chemistry, physics, geometry and sleight-of-paw. Theoretical topics center around nature/nurture theories of deliciousness, Speculative Gastronomy, Criticism and Analysis.

The Idyll-Beast believe that philosophy exists to sharpen the mind as well as the appetite, and that the examination of insoluble questions teaches humility as well as table manners.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


The Beast watching community will be out in force this Tuesday night, the 13th of December. That's the night of one of Idyllwild's newest traditions, the Inns of Idyllwild Holiday Open House and Tour. Reliable sources report that last year's tour included snacks at each stop, and the these snacks were delicious. Circumstances seem just right for Idyll-Beast sightings.

This year there will be 11 stops:

Apple Blossom Inn
Creekstone Inn
Fern Valley Inn
Fireside Inn
Idyllwild Inn
Peaceful Mountain Inn
Quiet Creek Inn
Rainbow Inn
Silver Pines
Strawberry Creek Bunkhouse
Strawberry Creek Inn

Investigators are readying their cameras in hopes of catching a glimpse of "the most famous animal in our forest." The tour will last from 5-8PM, and those with canned food or toys will find drop boxes for donations to assist the Help Center in providing a little Holiday cheer for our less fortunate neighbors.