Friday, April 22, 2011

And Now a Word from the Candidate

Delicious. That is my vision of Idyllwild. I have seen the cities “down there”, grey and flavorless places where the befuddled masses scurry to-and-fro and the only “idling” is that of their innumerous automobiles. The closest most of them come to nature is the salad bar at “Souplantation.” They hunger for the peace of mind that foraging in our savory mountain community brings. As town mascot I will personally welcome the most delicious visitors. It would be an honor to serve such a tasty constituency. My paws tremble at the thought of the responsibility. If elected I will work tirelessly to spread our “gospel of deliciousness.”

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As mentioned in an earlier post, the directors appointed at the March public meeting of the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce will stand for election, with the ballots to be mailed this month and the new terms to begin on July 1st. The top 4 vote-getters will be seated for 3 year terms, the next group of 4 for 2 year terms, and the remaining Directors for 1 year terms. Among the candidates is an Idyll-Beast, and we at the Idyll-Beast Research Center believe that a more representative Board will lead to a better Idyllwild... or at least to more entertaining meetings.

Campaigning has already begun. Contributions for “Beast PAC” (a Non-Connected Political Action Committee conducting political advocacy on behalf of the Idyll-Beast Research Center) are being received at the Museum and Gift Shoppe. Funds will go towards transportation for Idy, delicious snacks for meetings, advertising, security, grooming for the candidate, vaccinations, chew toys, etc.

This is your chance to be in on the ground floor of the most important political movement to sweep Idyllwild since… well, since the Beastly Pines incident. Our speech writers are now formulating a candidate’s statement.