Saturday, February 21, 2015

Save the Date

     These two photos were submitted by anonymous researchers attending this year's Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival. They certainly seem to be enjoying themselves, and why not? Many contactees call their Beast encounters "peak" experiences, akin to reaching the top of a mountain, having their first child, or eating funnel cakes and then getting on one of those human centrifuge experiment rides.

     The Idyllwild corner of the "Taj Mahal" has been something of an oaisis in the heat and crass commercialism of the Fair. In the cool and realative quiet of the "non-profit" pavillion one can learn about date agriculture or the Salton Sea. Admire baked goods. Or meet the Idyll-Beast. Enter an imaginary forest, relax and chat about Idyllwild. Take a photo, maybe spin the wheel and win a prize (if you are under 14.)

     We certainly are there selling something, but its a soft sell, low pressure. We're not trying to close the deal or take your money. And although the Idyll-Beast paws at passing deep fried zucchini and ice-cream cones, his snacking has been limited to things the demonstration chefs pass out, and the chocolates the Nature Center representative hands out as "prizes."

    See you in Idyllwild!