Thursday, January 20, 2011

freshly decanted evidence

Beast watchers:

This has just come in, an image circulating on the facebook. Its low resolution does not allow us to read the label on the bottle, but the wine does seem to be from Middle Ridge Winery and the color suggests meritage. Analysis shows someone has retouched the creature’s nose to take some of the shine off.

The Beast's fur appears almost feather-like, and the shape of the face implies a kinship with the owl. One can assume that the meritage would go with beast or fowl. He or she appears either to be toasting or examining the color of the wine. But shouldn’t they be holding it up to the light?

Research often develops questions as much as it defines answers. What kind of questions you ask goes a long ways towards determining what kind of answers you’ll get. It also depends on who you ask. Comments from photographers and vintners will be welcomed.