Saturday, December 3, 2016

Great Divider

Today Renate Caine asked for the lyrics to one of the songs I sing. Broadly topical, it seems to never go out of style.  Now more than ever.

We all come from the same place
and we all have to die.
What's all this dangerous nonsense
what's with this great divide?

We've got nothing between us
and there's noplace to hide
outside the water's rising
how'd the river get to be so wide?

Dig down deep
dig as deep as you can
layer after layer you find them
history's also ran.

It looks like we're the lucky
as much as the quick the good or the strong
'cause when that ____ hits the fan
it's bigger than any man.

So let's not talk about good enough
I think we'll have to do
you and me together sister
still a few things we can do.

Season's Greetings, Beast Watchers.