Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fair Report

The recent sightings of an Idyll-Beast at the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival were made possible by the reciprocal relationship between the Idyll-Beast Research Center and the Friends of the Idyllwild Nature Center. A bond has grown between our two organizations based on our shared mission of educating visitors about our animal friends and the forest we all live in. 

As every animal behaviorist knows, social grooming is an excellent way to strengthen bonds, the “social cement of the primate world.” Grooming keeps our fur or feathers in good condition, removing loose hair, uninvited guests, sticks, leaves, birds' nests, misplaced household items and other collectables.

The picture above shows a volunteer from the Friends of the Idyllwild Nature Center, “Sandy,” receiving a little attention from “Idy,” a volunteer with the Idyll-Beast Research Center. Social grooming helps build the trust essential to cooperative activities, like staffing Idyllwild’s booth at the Fair. 

What would a fair be without games of chance? In this case Idy seems to have hit the jackpot, winning a salon treatment from the helpful staff of the nearby Navy Federal Credit Union booth. Here the two intrepid ladies give him a good comb-out and plenty of hair spray. Very neighborly indeed. The Fair creates a wonderful sense of community among participants from all walks of life.
In our next piece of evidence, the neighbor on the left has been identified as fair-goer Javier Lara. Peace out, man.

In this final image, titled “Best part of the Fair,” Nancy Salvatierra is captured with Idy and an unidentified male. Make new friends but keep the old. See you in Idyllwild, Nancy!