Friday, September 4, 2009

Do I Smell a Party?

The Idyll-Beast Research Center Museum and Gift Shoppe (also know colloquially as "the Cave") will open this Saturday, September 5. The address is 54875 B (as in Beast) North Circle, conveniently located between Bubba's Books and the Creek House. Beast Sightings will probably begin around 4 PM; when Aroma shuts the kitchen down between shifts the scavenging there dries up fast. The location will be impossible to miss, just look for the sign of the Idyll-Beast (you will recognize it.) Even without a map you should be able to locate it with a dowsing rod or gamma ray detector. 

One special line of products we will be rolling out this weekend will be the IBRC Beastiopathic Essences(TM) . Using the newly discovered phenomenon of "Beastiopathic Resonance(TM)" these amazing preparations "put the power of totemic woodland creatures in a convenient nasal spray." Available in Raccoon, Squirrel, Blue Jay, Bobcat, Skunk and many others. This stuff is to homeopathy what a trip to the moon is to the Wright brothers.


  1. Did you see this video on CNN? A cousin of the Idyllbeast was captured on this gentleman's wildlife camera in Jefferson County. I've included the link to the video here:

    Dawn Papaila

  2. Thank you Dawn. The newscasters are not showing enough fur for my taste. Oh, wait, you mean that blurry bear-colored thing. Could be. I have hesitated to post photos here yet. First submitting them to scientific scrutiny. And judging them on artistic merits. So many would-be Beastiographers forget all about focus, composition, depth of field, white balance, etc. in the heat of the moment. But it is only for the moment that I refrain. Stay tuned. And keep those links and comments coming.


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