Friday, May 7, 2010

Idyll-Beast Sighted at Chamber of Commerce Meeting

The Idyll-Beast sighting at the April 19th Idyllwild Miniature Chamber of Commerce meeting raised many questions. Although acting president Ken Carlson welcomed the furry presence as a gesture of support for the Chamber, a more likely explanation for the sighting is the Idyll-Beast’s attraction to carrion. Or simple curiosity. The Beast is nothing if not curious, and no one at the Idyll-Beast Research Center is entirely sure who is studying whom.

Carlson’s motion to draft the beast as an officer on the Chamber Board was greeted with general consternation. Even an Idyll-Beast knows that Chamber by-laws prohibit nominations from the floor at the April meeting

The Beast brought popcorn, apparently believing some kind of show was in store. Carlson had promised a smack down with the Town Crier, accusing them of behavior unbecoming to a Chamber member and threatening them with expulsion. Representatives of the paper declined to dignify the challenge with a response, so Ken played to an empty house. The Beast dozed off several times during the proceedings, waking up when Steve Moulton suggested that the time had come for the Chamber to disappear. Idyll-Beasts love magic. Indeed the present rate of attrition has lead townspeople to speak of the “Incredible Shrinking Chamber of Commerce.”

Ten seats on the Board, three of them filled, and the three never seen in the same place at the same time. But Carlson is ever the optimist, still full of schemes to seize businesses through eminent domain to make way for public restrooms.

Apparently the Idyll-Beasts are taking notice. Don’t be surprised if Ken is soon tranquilized, inspected for parasites and rabies, and then released with a radio tracking collar.


  1. My sisters and I visited Idyllwild for the weekend and had the pleasure of having our picture taken by the Beast. I must say he appears to be quite friendly and even charming. I wanted desperately to try and speak to him but, as I am also a bit shy, the words eluded me. I deeply desire to communicate with the Beast. I've heard he likes music and popcorn, so we have something in common. And I've long desired to live in the mountains. Oh my goodness, I am sounding a bit like a lovestruck teeanager. I confess, I am deeply in lust with the that a bad thing?

  2. Nothing could be more natural. On a symbolic level, the Beast represents a lost or mislaid integrity that we yearn for. On a physical level all that fur has an undeniable attraction. Women are known to like the strong silent type, and men find a similar appeal in the quiet domesticity of the "Heidi-Beasts." We are all here, Kimberly, because we have heard the call of the Idyll-Beast. I see a cozy cabin in your future, and some idyll hours to get in touch with your own inner Beast


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