Monday, June 4, 2012

Human Nature Center

Researchers have begun submitting evidence from last weekend's Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. Apparently the Riverside County Department of Parks and Recreation invited Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce Director Idyll-Beast to assist in their public outreach effort. The animal proved to be a lively addition to the Parks pavilion, inviting scads of visitors to visit Idyllwild, Riverside County's only Mountain Resort Community.

Guest researcher Patrick Strong submitted this image of three delighted wine and balloon lovers discovering one of the Inland Empire's lesser-known assets.

A careful perusal of the image reveals what appears to be a slightly blurry Idyllwild Nature Center volunteer, Scott Fisher. It is lilely that the blurring is a result of the camera's depth of field and not Mr Fisher's wine consumption.

The Festival was a terrific opportunity: Hundreds of visitors met the Idyll-Beast and availed themselves to the ensuing photo-ops, and the Beast learned a few things about human nature.

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