Saturday, July 18, 2015


The "selfie" (or selfy) is an emerging popular artform in our new century, and "selfies" with the Idyll-Beast make up a unique genre of cryptozoological evidence. This example was received in late May, but a close examination suggests that it may have been taken at the 2015 Date Festival in February. It is an interior shot taken with a shaft of natural light, and the blue and red panels behind the animals recall the color scheme of the Idyllwild backdrop used at conventions and other events.
The creature on the left is apparently "Sophie." The one on the right "Idy."  Although it is not recommended to attempt "selfies" with bears, bison, sharks or other ill-tempered (and often hungry) wildlife, the Idyll-Beast is notable for its tolerance of the casual composition and haphazard framing that so often befall the beginning "Selfie-ist."  Sophie may not have managed to center the faces in the frame, but she captured the spirit of inter-species comraderie that motivates the Beast to seek out photo-ops like this.  We look forward to seeing the rest of her face sometime soon. See you in Idyllwild, Sophie!

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