Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's New at the Idyll-Beast Research Center

Last week I was shocked to be asked by local eminence grisé Hubert Halkin "Is there really an Idyll-Beast Research Center Museum and Gift Shoppe?" People, skepticism is healthy, and I know some folks never venture North of Cafe Aroma, but the IBRC Museum and Gift Shoppe is as real as any other business in Idyllwild. Maybe not as profitable, but just swing by 54875 B North Circle and see for yourselves. Doubting Thomases. Having established the reality of the shoppe, I then am asked what exactly we do there. Harder to answer. Well, last week we:

*Repaired furniture for customers,
*Sold some tee shirts and halloween costumes (available for children and pets)
*Took orders for Beastiopathic Remedies and "Calling All Idyll-Beasts" Sacred Space Clearing Spray (Christmas is coming),
*Educated legions of tourists,
*Assembled our first IBRC "Li'l Researcher Adventure Play Sets,"
*Met many curious and supportive business owners and community members.
*Negotiated image rights for the new IBRC postcards. A real asset to the community.
*Developed curricula for our new continuing education series. In these times many of us are investing in new skills. Our "Dumpster Diving 101" sections are filling up fast.

MEDICAL NEWS: Back at the Research Center proper, our scientists are working overtime to insure a plentiful supply of the new H1B1 "Beast flu" vaccine. Dr. Idyllbeast himself will be performing the innoculations at the Museum. Parents bring your children.

And people, if you are new to the Blog, please read the posts from previous months. Much valuable information is available there.

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