Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Converts

Although it is never our intention to prosletyze, the Idyll-Beast Research Center's community outreach effort has lead many to embrace the Beast. Halloween was a special opportunity to meet and greet the younger generation.
I was honored to be invited this week to participate in a colloquium at Astro Camp, that other Scientific Organization on the hill. Those people really love science. And root beer schnapps. It was a relaxed yet scientifically rigorous evening of highbrow infotainment. We look forward to future exchanges. Much interest was expressed in the upcoming translation of the so-called "Prophecies of Beastradamus." This project has taken much of my time lately, but will be of interest to Idyllwilders, especially the credulous ones. Many uncanny references to a strangely familiar "village in the pines."

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