Friday, November 13, 2009


As I have stated earlier, I am personally a sceptic in matters of "prophecy." I have mentioned my work on the quatrains or so called "Prophecies of Beastradamus," and my purely scholarly and literary interest in this curious, even eccentric document. So I admit to a moment of chagrin when I turned on the radio today to hear about the local "shake up" in San Jacinto's city government. I invite the gentle reader to refer to my August 5th posting, "IBRC Archives," in particular the part dealing with the Beastradamus project. I mentioned a quatrain, which when translated in full reads:

"In the city of Saint Hyacinth leaders reel
In the Year of the Idyll-Beast
four in five are named in a
one-hundred-fifty-five count indictment involving money laundering and bribery."

I know it's not great poetry, and it loses something in translation, but you can't make this stuff up. I am starting to think there could be something to the rantings of the furry seer.
Beast Wishes

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