Friday, April 6, 2012


More evidence from the recent Riverside County Fair and national Date Festival has surfaced. I here reproduce the unedited report from famous cryptozoologist "Splatt Ratzenberger."

In 2011, Splatt and family left Palm Desert for a backwoods 4 wheel-drive camping excursion to Black Mountain, when they caught their first glimpse of the Idyll-Beast – posted on the yellow sign at Mountain Center.
Needless to say, hopes of a chance-encounter kept them on their toes, all thru the night! They hoped to lure the Idyll-Beast into camp with ‘smores…but the wind wasn’t blowing the right direction.
They visited the friendly folks at the Black Mountain Fire Lookout for an incredible view - high atop the pines…but no Idyll-Beast movement was seen.
They even ventured into “Camp Lackey”, the long-abandoned YMCA Camp....but came up empty.
Finally, “Splatt”, of the Biker Nation TV Show, discovers the long-elusive Idyll-Beast at the Riverside County Fair, of all places!!

Kids, these days, do “planking”….”owling”….and even “phooning”.
In Idyllwild, Splatt and daughter, “C-Na$ty” sent all their friends a cell-phone pic….“Beasting”.

Even motorcycle riding Momma, “Wild Child” got in on the act….

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