Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lake Fullmor Phenomenon

     This image came to our attention recently.  The sign in the background marks the pedestrian crossing near Lake Fullmor. The animal in the foreground is too blurry for definite identification, but the consensus among researchers is that it is not me. The hair is too long for starters, and given the height of the sign, the creature would appear to be at least 7 feet tall. 

     In a recent column, sometime friend of the Idyll-Beast and Press Enterprise contributor Bob Pratt  (see the column) mentioned the Lake Fullmor phenomenon. Hasty readers came away with the imression that he was speculating as to the possibility of my involvement, mentioning the supposed participation of the Idyll-Beast Research Center in the placement of several (beautiful, anatomically correct, fur covered) signs along the highway several years ago. Careful reading will reveal that although he links the new sign with the earlier ones, he notes that they are "different," and admits that he "[doesn't] know who put up the latest sign." 

     For the record: this sign is not my work. The likeness is quite good, the pose natural, but the feet are too small.  Furtermore, I do not tamper with signs other people have put up. Never have. In my opinion, the altered sign is a benefit to the community, as motorists, jaded by the ever-increasing clutter of signage, are much more likely to drive carefully when they see the "improved" version. But that is only the opinion of one researcher.

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