Monday, September 9, 2013

In Flagrente Delicto


     This tasty bit of evidence has cropped up through an “Insta-gram” account linked to one of the curators at the Laguna Art Museum.  Last week, the museum’s “Discussion With…” series of artist encounters featured local photographer Gina Genis. Her recently published book, “Everbody and their Mother: Idyllwild CA, vol 1,” was the subject of her presentation to the gathered art lovers. To make the evening more lively, Genis brought along several “specimens” to participate in a panel discussion, among them the Idyll-Beast.

     The Idyll-Beast is known to be keenly interested in the arts, especially when they involve giant pastries. A quick thinking curator, upon meeting the Beast, decided to introduce him to one the “objets” of the museum’s collection, the lovely cupcake here, part of an exhibit titled “Faux-Real.”

     The Beast found the confection delicious and their conversation “in-faux-mative.” In the ensuing photo-ops and general melee, the sprinkles that adorned the delightful frosting-covered masterpiece joined the furry conniseur’s collection “on loan” before the chagrined curator could politely usher Idy away from the gallery.

       The Cupcake in question has since been identified by OC Weekly as “Amy Caterina's delicious mixed-media social commentary Doomsday Bunker …”  What appear to be chocolate shavings on top are actually security cameras, and “[i]nside, the shelter's rations are wrapped in pink tea cozies amid shag carpeting, making the claustrophobic space resemble a little girl's playhouse refuge.” It goes to show: things are not always what they seem.


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