Friday, December 20, 2013


     I recently had the pleasure to encounter members of a film crew working on the hill on a project called "the Cabin." You may have seen the signs, the trucks, the high-power lights and the troop of stylish young people at work on Tahquitz Drive this last week. The premise of the film (I may have gotten it a little mixed up) is that a cryptozoologist inherits her grandmother's Idyllwild cabin and comes here to reconnect with childhood memories while investigating inexplicable happenings that have created a stir among the locals. When the peace and quiet (and strange noises) become unnerving she seeks a roommate, eventually settling on a particularly hirsute "Heidi."  We hope the film will be ready in time for the 2015 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.   

     One member of the crew, Andrea, asked that I publish the lyrics of a song that has become something of a local anthem. It is traditionally sung each year at the Idyll-Beast Festival:

Idyll-Beast, Idyll-Beast,
Every season you greet me.
Tall and furry, not to worry
You look happy to meet me!

Blossom of fur may you bloom and endure,
Bloom and endure forever.
Idyll-Beast, Idyll-Beast,
Bless out hometown forever.

      Speaking of the Film Festival, cinephiles are invited to check out these posts which document Idyll-Beast activity in and around the 2012 festival. The following posts dealt with what appears to be a "treatment" actually written by an Idyll-Beast, and the Beast's reaction to one film's "stereotypical depiction of fur-covered Americans."

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Happy Holidays

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