Friday, March 25, 2011

Idyll-Beast Sighted at District 3 Economic Forum

Once again an Idyll-Beast was sighted at an event linked to the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce. This Thursday the Soboba Country Club hosted the District Three Economic Forum. Chamber Director Steve Moulton was seen pulling into the Idyll-Beast Research Center Resort Sanatorium around 5:30 AM that morning, and it is likely that he and his henchman Peter Buhl lured the beast into the car with promises of a buffet breakfast. During the event the Beast was seen seated at the table set aside for Idyllwild Chamber members quietly munching from a well stacked plate of sausage (“Succulent!), and bacon (“Crispy!”).

Speakers included Sheriff Sniff, the County Controller, the Assessor, the Tax Collector, and Supervisor Jeff Stone. The creature displayed super-human patience during the seemingly interminable speeches, filled with random statistics, pie charts and graphs. It did seem to take an interest in Supervisor Stone’s description of the new Mount San Jacinto Junior College Animal Campus, and also perked up when photographs of Idyllwild were flashed on the screen.

Why would an Idyll-Beast be interested in human politics? Could it be the aroma? Or could his appearance just be an attempt by Chamber Directors to fill an empty seat?

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