Monday, March 14, 2011

Your Tax Dollars at Work!

As some readers may know, supervisor Stone provided assistance that allowed our Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce to send "emissaries" to the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival. The Chamber assembled a colorful and informative booth stocked with literature describing the attractions in our local community, including opportunities for leisure, recreation and snacking.

The booth was staffed by volunteers, and on at least two occasions the Idyll-Beast Research Center managed to produce an actual Idyll-Beast to add a little local color to the event. Our furry good-will ambassador invited the most "delicious" looking fair-goers to visit Idyllwild. "These tasty looking morsels. they must be your offspring? Look me up when you're in town!"

Those accosted seemed delighted by the attention, especially the children. Dozens of families took home pictures of themselves with the Beast (for evidence) and the Beast apparently took home a few phone numbers from the ladies (for research.)

Thank you Supervisor Stone, and Thank you Idy.

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