Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Other Paw has Dropped

Reports are filtering in about last night’s Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce meeting. Director Nick Todd announced new directors, who will fill empty seats until the next election, and included among the names was that of an Idyll-Beast. We at the Idyll-Beast Research Center applaud the farsightedness of the present board. Idyllwild’s history, like that of America, is a tale of ever increasing inclusiveness, as formerly marginalized groups are brought into the franchise, accepted as full citizens. First Steve Moulton and now the Idyll-Beast. The Chamber is now officially safe for cave dwellers.

The Beast made several motions, (none of them threatening) during the meeting. First he suggested that all Chamber bussiness at public meetings be conducted by sock puppets. Should a Director be unable to afford a sock puppet (or lacking in dexterity or socks) one will be provided by the Idyll-Beast Research Center. This would definitely help to make these meetings the kind of family-friendly entertainment this town needs on Monday nights. The Beast also suggested that “tasty snacks” be “invited” to all future meetings. Both these motions will be considered and put to the vote at the next meeting.

Until then keep thinking of spring, people.

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