Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Folks keep asking about Idyll-Beast tees in xxx large and bigger. And ladies' styles, something light and alluring for the summer months. And "onesies" for the little researchers out there. Yes, a new design is in the works, but don't worry, it won't stray too far from the classic Beast apparel we know and love. The official Idyll-Beast Research Center action wear is always in style. It's the next best thing to fur!


  1. How may I obtain one of your tee's please?

  2. Idyll-Beast tees?!? He plays golf?

  3. As to golf: Although hard to imagine, there is a story that the demise of the Idyllwild Golf Course was due in part to the difficulty in keeping Idyll-Beasts off the greens. Certainly Idyll-Beast Apparel would add a stylish note to any sport.

    Apparel hunters may e-mail us at to request apparel. The new shipment comes in this week. I will be bringing them to Aroma on Saturday mornings for the usual "Idyll-Beastro" performances.


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