Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It is truly gratifying to see the support out there for science, the interest in our research mission. Just google idyll-beast (idyllbeast) and check it out. Radio stations, native american news websites, Big Foot forums, everybody is talking. That BF forum is really heating up. We welcome a spirited discussion of the evidence. Next stop Wikipedia... any wiki-ers out there? Unfortunately the Idyll-Beast still seems to be locally blocked. The site is up and running and visible everywhere else in the world... We here at the Idyll-Beast Research Center know enough to avoid the siren song of paranoia (right now I am blogging while tied to the refrigerator) but a number of possibilities suggest themselves:
  1. Cal-trans, for all those Idyll-Beast X-ing signs popping up along the highway;
  2. The FDA, for those bottles of "Professor Idyllbeast's Elixer and Fur Tonic" (still a few of those left here at the Research Center);
  3. the forest Service, for those infomational brochures (Idyll Beast: Myth or Monster?);
  4. the Governors office for that press release that apparently has been hushed up. The Governor is apparently back in Sacramento and has become mum about the whole thing.
Devotees of the Beast are advised to use a proxyserver to access the IBRC's site. It's free and easy. One that works is available here. You type in the www.idyllbeast.com address in the bar and avoid the evil-doers who would block your access to this informative and entertaining site.
I'm sure our local ISP will sort this out super fast. I called Jeff today. Wait a minute, Jeff...
Beast Wishes

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