Friday, July 10, 2009

Beast-Fest Success!

Beast-fest ’09,  “Idyllwild’s 98th Annual Idyll-Beast Festival,” was a “Resounding Success.” The outpouring of curiosity and love from the community and the many visitors was astounding. The town was abuzz as people gathered to express their belief in the continuity of life, our kinship with the other fur-bearers. The various “Misses” Idyll-Beast were, as they should be, beautiful and strong, fine examples of the furry flower of Idyllwild femininity. Many a happy participant carried home a bottle of “Professor Idyllbeast’s Elixer and Fur Tonic” and/or an Official Idyll-Beast Festival Tee-Shirt. (A few of these are still available, in medium only) The Beast himself was kind enough to make a few brief but much remarked appearances and even join in a little parade tom-foolery. (You don’t think a box like that could hold an unwilling Idyll-Beast?)  He did a bit of a jig as friends of the beast Sandi Castleberry and John Penn (author of the immortal song “Sasquatch”) finished up their set, and that might have been Paul Carmen who joined the Beast for a few capers. We here at the Idyll-Beast Research Center had a lot of vacuuming to do after the post-Festival party. Most of the fur is gone now and all we can say is: “only 358 days ‘till the 99th Annual Idyll-Beast Festival!”


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