Monday, July 13, 2009

Literary Event: the Legend of the Idyll-Beast available for a new generation!

New! Our reconstruction of that once-banned literary classic, The Legend of the Idyll-Beast! Excellent bed time reading, no Beastmas celebration would be complete without this! Generations of children have pulled the blankets up to their noses when mama or papa gets to the part about the Realtors... The full story is now at (if it doesn't load re-check in 24 hours. Traffic has been heavy after the Governors press conference, and their may be cyber saboteurs at work. Don't let the terrorists win!)

Also in the Works: the Idyll-Beast Film Festival
Between classics and local submissions material will not be and issue. The appropriate venue?Several come to mind.  Greta Garbo said it best (at an early screening of Cocteau's La Belle et la BĂȘte, when the beast was dissapointingly transformed into a "handsome" prince) : "Give me Back my Beast!"

The Controversy is Heating up
Folks on the Bigfoot Forum are digging into Marshall's TC Idyll-Beast story. Amazing how people either don't read or misinterpret the article they are criticizing. The doubting Thomas on this post seems very confused. Nothing in Marshall's article or the original article being discussed mentions "hairy dancing naked BF youths" (sic). To be charitable, the "hey wierdos, drop dead!" quote was not directly attributed to a Chamber of Commerce member but an illustrative paraphrase in the original article, transformed in the recent story. From a literary point of view a direct quote sounds so much stronger, and why bother the reader with nested quotation marks?  All extremely instructive... The lesson here is that even intelligent people are bound to err when they argue about material they have not seen but base their discussion on re-reporting. (I have posted the original article, titled "beast hassle" at: www.
Until next time may the Beast be with You!

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